所罗门国王学院 课程 Vision 2022-23


1. 目的:ag体育登录为什么要教ag体育登录所教的东西?

2. Implementation: 如何 do we teach 什么 we teach?

3. 影响:ag体育登录如何知道学生学了什么以及他们学得如何?

1. 目的:ag体育登录为什么要教ag体育登录所教的东西?

ag体育登录的课程旨在确保从ag体育登录的每个学生踏进ag体育登录的幼儿园的那一刻起, we take their individual starting point ‘on the mountain’ 而且 make sure we have mapped out their path through our whole school to prepare them for 在大学内外取得成功 when they leave us at 18.

Our academic curriculum is therefore the body of knowledge we know our pupils need to learn as they progress from one year to the next. 他们需要在每个阶段了解更多、记住更多、做得更多.

We serve an economically 而且 socially disadvantaged community who need us to maintain the very highest academic expectations of them in order for their time at KSA to have the transformational impact on their lives that we promise them. Our values support our shared work in developing our pupils as kind, confident people who are able to lead happy, successful lives 而且 have positive impact on the wider world.


  1. 大学预科学术严谨
  2. 都是通过
  3. 价值驱动的
  4. 转换式学习经历
  5. 阅读是课程的核心

1. 大学预科学术严谨

ag体育登录的使命是为学生在大学及以后取得成功做好准备. Our curriculum is therefore academically rigorous, 为ag体育登录的学生提供知识, 他们达到这一目标所需要的技能和经验——充分利用ag体育登录延长的学习时间来实现这一目标.

ag体育登录的许多学生的成绩远低于国家对他们这个年龄的期望. ag体育登录得先教他们如何学习. 因此,ag体育登录在EYFS课程中优先考虑社会、情感和语言发展. Throughout both the primary 而且 secondary school, ag体育登录投入时间和精力教授学生讨论的习惯,重点是学习如何积极倾听, 如何用声音说话, in sentences 而且 with precision 而且 then moving on to sharing thinking 而且 building on others’ thinking so as to ensure we are all learning with 而且 from each other as one team 而且 family.

ag体育登录从小就教授具有挑战性的科目,目标是让所有的学生都能 在EBacc取得成功 subjects at GCSE: 92% of Y11 pupils entered the Ebacc last year. These facilitating subjects enable our pupils to pursue subjects post-16 that then allow them to progress to academically rigorous courses at top universities.

2. 都是通过

随着时间的推移,ag体育登录的课程贯穿始终的性质导致了变革的结果. ag体育登录有 a stable cohort of pupils who transition from primary into secondary without exp而且ing the cohort like many all-throughs. Our primary 而且 secondary curriculum leaders work together to create 而且 refine long term curriculum plans meaning the approach to teaching both core knowledge 而且 skills is genuinely coherent between the phases.

Our curriculum is planned with end goals in mind: we ask ourselves 什么 is the knowledge 而且 什么 are the skills 而且 experiences that our pupils need to enable university success in this subject. ag体育登录在学生教育的早期就引入了关键概念,并定期复习, 随着学生年龄的增长,想法逐渐变得更具挑战性. 例如, ag体育登录一直在积极思考ag体育登录希望学生在EYFS中记住关于植物的什么, 在第一年,每次他们重新审视植物,一直到13年生物学, 利用学校内和整个网络的学科专家的支持.

Being a truly all-through school enables us to capitalise on subject specialist teaching 而且 curriculum expertise: for example, we have one joined up music programme from 托儿所 right through to Key Stage 4; our primary 科学 lead who does not have a scientific academic background themselves works closely with our secondary head of 科学; primary 法国 is taught by 法国 specialists three times a week from Year 5 upwards.

3. 价值驱动的

Everything we do is driven by our values: Aim High, Work Together, Be Kind 而且 Lead The Way. ag体育登录的工作不仅仅是让学生取得优异的考试成绩. ag体育登录的课程支持ag体育登录的学生成为有抱负的人, 在学校期间,一起学习,善待他人,将来成为改变世界的领导者.

因此,ag体育登录的课程培养了学生的雄心壮志,并允许学生通过学习来发展ag体育登录的学校价值观 什么 他们会学习 如何 他们学习. Subject leaders consider our values when planning every aspect of the curriculum; our classrooms are inclusive because all our pupils’ views, 身份和背景的价值取决于他们学习什么和如何学习. ag体育登录为学生提供了锻炼领导能力和适应能力的机会, 以及一种重视团队合作的学习文化和教学方法.

考虑到ag体育登录学生的背景, ag体育登录的目标是提供指导和鼓励,以支持ag体育登录的家庭. We structure our school to ensure we know every child 而且 work closely with families to better be able to remove barriers to their learning. We teach a pastoral curriculum through morning meeting, 程序集, 事件和ag体育登录的整体保护文化,培养ag体育登录的学生,确保他们的福祉.

ag体育登录为ag体育登录的 Personal Development (PSHE, RSE, SMSC 而且 Citizenship) curriculum which aims to equip pupils with the social 而且 emotional skills 而且 wider cultural underst而且ing they need as they grow up through 而且 除了 school. Key topics are taught throughout each key stage 而且 revisited to reinforce knowledge at an age-appropriate level as pupils grow older through two drop down days per cycle, 上午的会议和集会,以及通过连贯的链接到其余的教学课程, for example through addressing big ideas questions in 英语. ag体育登录认为绝大多数学生都是在穆斯林家庭长大的. Every pupil studies Religious Studies GCSE to ensure a rigorous underst而且ing of 如何 religion influences 而且 interacts with society as a whole.

4. Transformational learning 而且 experiences

Our curriculum is designed to ensure our pupils build cultural capital 而且 have wider world experiences which provide them with the confidence 而且 resilience to thrive in the world outside of the school gates during their school careers 而且 at university 而且 除了.

Trips, workshops 而且 experiences are mapped into the curriculum every half term from nursery throughout primary, 从第5年开始, 所有的学生都要和他们的同学一起参加一年一度的住宿旅行. 从五年级在塞耶克罗夫特度过一周的户外活动,到十年级以一战为主题的比利时之行, ag体育登录的学生在学校大门之外建立了广泛的现实生活经验. 从六年级开始,包括在华威大学住一周, ag体育登录在每一年的课程中都加入了大学体验, 让选择进入顶尖大学成为常态,并为大学经历建立积极的记忆.

Our personalised 而且 extensive careers provision ensures that all of our pupils have experiences of the world of work 而且 are provided with the skills they need to be successful in their futures. All primary pupils engage with a different career each week in Morning Meetings 而且 our careers programme is embedded into the secondary ‘Advisory’ curriculum 而且 an annual careers week is an all-through opportunity for our pupils to meet with individuals from a wide range of careers 而且 pupils in Year 10 spend a week doing work experience independently. ag体育登录的学生在他们学术生涯的关键转折点得到了非常好的支持, 通过一个全职的支持, out of class Head of University 而且 职业生涯 Service who has a personalised development programme in place for every pupil in KS4 而且 KS5.

ag体育登录的管弦乐节目 is unique in state education in the UK 而且 is at the heart of our 音乐的特长. 所有学生从幼儿园开始就学会喜欢唱歌,在小学就建立音乐学习的基础. 从四年级开始, 他们开始学习小提琴, 中提琴或大提琴,每个孩子都开始在七年级开始的全年团体管弦乐队演奏. 这种包容性的方法意味着所有学生都有演奏管弦乐队的经验, irrespective of their family background or interest, 通过这样做, experience something genuinely transformational. 通过学习乐器,ag体育登录可以培养学生的记忆力和抽象推理能力, 并让他们在理解实践的影响时发展自我意识, determination 而且 teamwork required to perform in an orchestra.

5. 阅读是课程的核心

ag体育登录相信,如果ag体育登录的学生能够自信地阅读,他们就能学到更多,知道更多, 他们将拥有为乐趣而阅读的改变人生的经历.

Pupils begin learning to love to read from their very first day. We systematically teach phonics through the Read Write Inc phonics programme alongside learning to sight-read high frequency words. Pupils’ progress in learning to read is rigorously monitored to ensure every child is taught to read fluently as soon as possible, with 什么ever intervention they need to make it happen. We know early intervention is best 而且 invest time, 投入精力和专业知识,尽可能快地赶上学生的进度——无论他们在学校的什么地方.

每天阅读一系列高质量的文本是ag体育登录课程的基本组成部分. 这从ag体育登录的小学阅读课程开始,ag体育登录已经围绕精心挑选的课程绘制了整个课程, age-appropriate 而且 suitably challenging reading spine. Each year group has an over-arching big question to answer over the course of the year to frame big thinking for example “什么 does it mean to belong?第1年,改为“什么是信任”?六年级. 关键阶段3, each year of study is also centred on a big thematic question, with a citizenship 而且 personal development focus. 例如,在八年级,学生们会考虑“成为英雄意味着什么”?通过询问二战诗歌、莎士比亚戏剧和《ag体育手机版》中的英雄主义思想. 在关键阶段4和5, pupils develop a rich contextual underst而且ing of their texts, evaluating protagonists’ drives for power, critiquing the societies that caused characters’ repression, 讨论作者在语言和结构选择上的意图.

至关重要的是, reading exp而且s 除了 the reading 而且 英语 curriculum. We know that excellence in reading is essential for success in the wider world 而且 prioritise reading in our curriculum implementation 而且 in our professional development. All teachers across the school are teachers of reading 而且 are trained in strategies they can use to develop confidence in their subject specialisms, for example ‘partner reading’ in primary 而且 ‘Inside, 外, 超越在次要.

小学生们每天都以阅读为乐: from enjoying five stories 而且 songs a day for every child in EYFS through whole class story times moving into DEAR (Drop Everything 而且 Read) from Year 4 through to Year 9 building the habit of independent 而且 sustained reading for pleasure 而且 developing their ability to tackle an ever more challenging repertoire of texts via non-fiction DEAR 而且 class reading. 直到第9年, all pupils are also expected to build their reading skills at home every night through carefully monitored homework routines 而且 throughout Key Stage 4 pupils continue to read regularly through non-fiction DEAR. 越来越多的学生被鼓励为了乐趣而阅读他们喜欢的科目.. 六年级, we support wider reading through the use of structured preparatory reading integrated into the curriculum 而且 supporting extended reading through the Extended Qualification Project.

We celebrate reading successes at every opportunity, 在类库和显示中, through 阅读 Ambassador leadership roles in Primary, 在阅读比赛和活动中,以及通过与尽可能多的外部阅读组织合作. ag体育登录正在投资一个新的OYS图书馆,并有一个专职的图书管理员.

2. Implementation: 如何 do we teach 什么 we teach?

The curriculum is driven by the leaders of the school 通过嵌入 每个单元的长期课程概述和中期计划,以及许多知识组织者. 领导者决定要教授的核心知识和技能,以及以何种顺序教授. 在法语、艺术和音乐方面,课程由全程学科专家指导. 用英语, 数学, 科学, 人文学科, 计算机与体育, ag体育登录有初级学科领导与高级领导和二级部门领导一起工作. 在许多领域(数学, 中学地理, 中学历史, secondary 科学) our curriculum builds on formal Ark Common 课程 Programmes 而且 capitalises on subject expertise from across the network.


ag体育登录对所有的学生都有雄心. All pupils always work to the same learning objective every lesson: ag体育登录都在攀登同一座山. Teachers plan for the fact that some team members will need more scaffolding; others will require a greater challenge. ag体育登录的目标是 meet the academic needs of all learners every lesson through the use of differentiated questioning 而且 resources as well as through additional support from peers or additional adults. 在EYFS中, pupils learn through a balance of adult-directed 而且 child-initiated learning experiences which focus on the development of core skills alongside celebrating the unique child.

ag体育登录有 很高的期望. Pupils are expected to work hard 而且 display excellent attitudes to learning in all lessons 而且 teachers plan rigorous lessons which support them to do so. 学习是由 familiar practiced routines 而且 clear behaviour expectations 支持学生专注于学习,并确保不会因为低水平的干扰而浪费时间.

All lessons from Y1-Y13 begin with a 现在做 asking pupils to 回忆知识 在上一课中, practise a skill independently or prepare for new learning. 然后根据如何最好地实现课程的学习目标来计划学习活动, 的结构 我知道,ag体育登录知道,你也知道 最终以 LO检查或出境票 for pupils to evidence their progress in achieving the LO. 所有的学生都应该独立学习每节课的一部分,并通过实践新的知识和技能 刻意练习 活动.

A 高度系统化的方法 to homework throughout the whole school ensures pupils develop habits for learning independently throughout their academic career, 逐步提高学生在校外完成高质量和高数量学习的期望.

ag体育登录为ag体育登录的 extensive programme of trips, workshops 而且 events which our pupils participate in; each half term’s teaching is complemented by at least one enriching experience throughout the primary school as well as residentials for all pupils from Year 5 right through to Sixth Form.

Our curriculum leaders make purposeful choices about 什么 to teach, 确保学生接触到 多元包容 声音和经历的范围. 通过ag体育登录的课程选择,ag体育登录的学生被教导尊重和重视他人的观点.


Pupils learn in a carefully planned mixed-attainment seating plan. Pupils are expected to learn from their teammates,以及他们的老师. 讨论习惯ag体育登录的学生分享他们的想法,建立在彼此的基础上,作为一个团队和家庭. 这种包容性的文化意味着所有学生都有信心为高质量做出贡献并从中受益, 以学习为中心的与同伴的互动.

ag体育登录使用 毕业的方法 为每个患有SEND的学生确定适当的及时有效的干预水平. We begin with Wave 1 (universal) approach, 坚持高质量的教学策略. 例如,这些学生尤其受益于ag体育登录课程的常规和结构 减少认知负荷:从 使用“现在就做” to recall 而且 apply key knowledge 而且 from 检查理解 通过数据驱动使用C旧的呼叫和故意监控.

Where pupils with SEND require further support, we plan Wave 2 (targeted) 1:1 而且 small group interventions to promote rapid progress 而且 nurtured development of every pupil. 给有强烈需求的学生, ag体育登录与外部合作伙伴保持联系,提供Wave 3(专家)支持. 在为每个学生设计包容性学习时,ag体育登录很容易接受反馈. 所有员工都为 Pupil Passports 而且 Individual Learning Plans for pupils with SEND. ag体育登录检查学生的 发送的目标 termly 而且 expect all our staff to know our pupils’ needs, 什么 we do to address them 而且 什么 success looks like. A small group of pupils who are significantly behind their peers in 英语 而且 数学 benefit from nurture group teaching aiming to accelerate their progress.


We know that investing in constantly improving the quality of teaching is crucial to securing excellent progress for our pupils 而且 therefore invest substantial time 而且 energy into observing, 指导和培训ag体育登录的员工. 专业发展是数据驱动的,专注于整个学校的共同发展领域.

We focus our training on a small number of all-through “签名策略”:





  • 100%
  • Warm-strict
  • 侵入性最小的干预形式
  • 该怎么做
  • 现在做
  • 我知道,ag体育登录知道,你知道
  • 刻意练习
  • 伙伴阅读(初级)
  • 内、外、外(中学)
  • 检查理解
  • 有意的监控

每一位教师都是经过发展而来的 每周培训的时间表 与他们的课程领袖(中学)或高级领袖(小学)一起检讨学生的作业, 设定指导行动步骤,并计划下周学生学习的细节.

此外,在小学,每年的小组教学团队有两个小时,每周与高级领导 “知识准备” 中期计划. 在二级, 每两周举行一次的部门课程开发会议,推动学科专家的专业知识和课程知识.

ag体育登录所有的课程领导都是 active participants in Ark Subject Networks – many of them leading practitioners in the network – 而且 all teachers benefit from additional subject specialist professional development from across the Ark network. 课程负责人和教牧负责人都能从定期培训中受益, 将他们的时间安排到半学期的日历中,并专注于培养他们指导和发展团队的能力.

3. 影响:ag体育登录如何知道学生学了什么以及他们学得如何?

教师用 data to drive their in-the-moment responses to pupil learning, 有策略地收集学生的知识, 而且 检查理解,以便在错误点进行干预,通过即时反馈和现场课堂或小组重新教学. ag体育登录称之为 有意的监控.

早期教育纲要在EYFS, every member of staff uses observational assessment to baseline children’s starting points 而且 plan experiences which ensure progress. These assessments are tracked on Smartgrade which enable us to measure our starting points against a national data set 而且 track the individual progress of every child against six monthly milestones.

Given that reading is so important to us, we 在阅读评估上投入大量资金. 每个孩子在参加自然拼读课程时,至少每半个学期进行一次1:1的评估, we use PM Benchmarking for every child in Year 1 three times a year 而且 for target groups of children working below their chronological age in Year 2-Year 6 where we also use daily Lexia assessment to inform next steps in moving those pupils on in their learning. 从2年级到10年级,ag体育登录每年为每个学生进行三次NGRT评估. Our staff are trained in putting all this data together 而且 analysing it to progress each child individually: ensuring they are in the best daily reading group in primary 而且 identifying which pupils need additional reading interventions (speed sounds ‘pinny time,1:1阅读, 高频词干预, 流利的干预, 苛性液葡萄干)

刻意练习 is embedded across all-through in order for teachers to be able to assess the extent to which pupils are learning 而且 remembering. 在初级, 这种方法在ag体育登录的一年级到六年级五天阅读模型中得到了很好的证明. Maths is also assessed through termly 数学 mastery assessments, 半学期的算术测试和乘法表,在二年级到六年级摇滚明星,以评估随时间的进展. ag体育登录也开始尝试使用" Cold "和" Go " 挖苦 在人文科学方面针对核心知识制定了ag体育登录的知识组织.

Across Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5 we carefully plan for appropriate periodic curriculum 而且 assessment alignment with other Ark schools to allow diagnostic 而且 summative assessments to inform our underst而且ing of 如何 our pupils are learning when compared to partner schools. We use question level analysis to identify which aspects of the curriculum have been well understood 而且 which need to be revisited in comparison to other schools.

在关键阶段3和4, teachers engage in regular formative assessment throughout the term through regularly marking 而且 providing feedback on independent practice in planned 检查点的活动. 瞳孔完全regular interim assessments 活动 each term,通常以a 正式的累积评估. 这一点,加上ag体育登录的每日,每周和半年的回顾点,都有助于一个 working at, age related grade, agreed by the Head of Department 在学期末. 这允许 termly cycle of reviewing the curriculum 而且 pupil progress 整体. 在每学年结束时, we use Ark assessments to allow us to compare to network-wide data to provide a valid 而且 objective underst而且ing of our pupils overall learning over time.

关键阶段5的学生每三周接受一次评估, for which they are awarded grades of ‘At’, “高于”或“低于”与雄心勃勃的学生特定目标成绩相关, 使用ALPS方法设置. Pupils sit a range of taught tests 而且 cumulative assessments. The schedule for these is shared in advance of the school year, 让这些学生对自己的学习和复习有更多的责任,这样教师就可以全面地评估. Shared network assessment in most subjects at Key Stage 5 ensures that no subject teachers are designing lessons 而且 setting assessments in a silo. The network assessments act to ensure the curriculum is sufficiently broad 而且 rigorous 而且 allows collaboration with a subject specialist group of teachers across the network, ensuring there are opportunities for moderation 而且 co-planning. The use of network moderation 而且 these shared assessments increases the likelihood that the gaps in pupil knowledge identified by assessments are the correct ones for our teachers to focus on to drive pupil progress.

在关键阶段4和5, pupils sit formal mock examinations at the end of their first year of study (Year 10 or Year 12) 而且 in Term 2 of their second year of study. 这些课程为学生提供了有意义的机会来修改迄今为止所学到的整个课程,并展示所学到的知识, 这样就能让课程领导者们发现知识中存在的差距随着时间的推移.

哪里存在差距, ag体育登录知道,ag体育登录在追赶学生方面所能做的最好的投资就是质量第一的全班教学. 然而, 干预也被用来加速落后的特定群体的进步. This is particularly the case during the p而且emic, where significant gaps have appeared for some pupils. 早年, ag体育登录关注质数, 而且 prioritise phonics 而且 early 数学 intervention in Key Stage 1. 贯穿关键阶段2和3, 干预发生在阅读和数学,以推动ag体育登录的最低成绩的学生加速进步. As pupils progress through the school 而且 reach key stages 4 而且 5, 基于上面概述的评估方法,数据驱动的干预变得更有针对性和主题针对性.


最终, ag体育登录的目标是长远的, 而且 the impact we wish to see goes 除了 our assessment outcomes, 它显示在 ag体育登录的学生是谁 他们什么时候离开ag体育登录,他们是什么 准备在生活中有所成就. Our curriculum aims to prepare pupils for 在大学内外取得成功. ag体育登录的第一批学生现在已经开始从大学毕业, we can see the life changing impact of 什么 we teach our pupils. ag体育登录一直使70%以上的学生能够进入排名前30的大学. ag体育登录的第一批校友回来了, 或者在ag体育登录学校工作,激励下一代的KSA学生, they are able to demonstrate the long-term impact of our curriculum. They are thriving at top universities 而且 securing careers in law, 工程, 会计, 照顾孩子, 护理, 当地政府, 教学和公务员. By tracking our pupils’ destinations 而且 achievements over time, 而且 maintaining strong relationships with the community we serve, we are able to reflect on 如何 our curriculum can be refined further, 为了更好地完成ag体育登录的使命.