T在这里 are currently a small number of spaces in some primary year groups but we are mostly full in secondary. 立即加入等候名单, 请与校办公室联系, 或使用威斯敏斯特的年度入学门户网站: http://www.westminster.gov.uk/in-year-school-admissions. 接待名额已满, 但你可以通过填写年度录取表格加入等候名单.


招生政策 2022年9月 概述在这里 所罗门国王学院录取政策2022-23 FINAL.pdf
招生政策 2023年9月 概述在这里 PDF图标所罗门国王学院招生政策2023-24.FINALpdf
招生政策 2024年9月 概述在这里 PDF图标ag体育手机版2024-25年招生政策.pdf

所罗门国王学院的主要入口是接待处. 父母 with children who will be 4 years old on 1 2023年9月 should apply for a place in 接待 for 2023年9月 entry. By choosing 所罗门国王学院 for your child you are placing them in an all-through school with an automatic place in primary and secondary. The first five years of education will take place at the Younger Years Site (on 克朗普顿街, 那第一个), which has extensive outdoor space including a large exclusive use early years outdoor play environment. They will then automatically transfer to the Older Years Site (Years 5 to 13; the current 所罗门国王学院 site) w在这里 they benefit from a broad curriculum offer and specialist facilities. This all-through journey means your child can thrive in one ambitious and joined up community over the whole of their education. 接待 applications are made through Westminster 招生 by January 15th each year.

入学申请请按此处: e招生


托儿所入住政策如下: 2021-24年所罗门国王学院托儿所招生政策.pdf

全新的, spacious and well-equipped nursery is now operating the Younger Years site (at 那第一个), 有多达100个全职或兼职的地方. All local parents of 2 and 3 year olds including those eligible for 3 year old 30 hours working family funding and free 2 year old funding are welcome to apply. ag体育登录的托儿所由专门的领导和完全合格的员工提供支持, 都在所罗门国王学院团队中工作.

虽然ag体育登录的主要入职日期是9月, ag体育登录也接受年中托儿所的申请, 一旦孩子们长到两岁. 有关2年及3年的拨款及费用详情, 请访问网站的托儿所部分 在这里. Please note that a nursery place at 所罗门国王学院 does not automatically guarantee a place in 接待.

For nursery admissions we use the criteria outlined below and in the admissons policy to allocate places. 如果等待名单上2岁的孩子比名额多, 然后优先考虑标准. For those joining as 3 year olds (who have not already been in the nursery 2 year old provision), 通常在九月, up to 30 places are reserved for families who are eligible for 30 funded hours for working families, 这组人之间的标准, 其余的名额仅根据标准分配.   


托儿所入学申请请点击此处: 电子苗圃入场证.

要预订托儿所之旅,请在这里填写预订表格: 育婴团预订表格



接待 & 2023年1月托儿所开放上午, 2023年4月或2023年9月或2023年9月进入前台

热烈欢迎家长前来参观, 从年轻时代网站开始, 克朗普顿街, 那第一个

  • 2022年10月5日,星期三,上午9:30 - 11:00
  • 2022年11月2日星期三,上午9:30 - 11:00
  • 2022年12月7日,星期三,下午2:00 - 3:30 
  • 2023年1月4日星期三上午9:00 - 10:30 

报名参加开放日,请填妥以下表格: 开放日预约表格


Applications made to any year group outside the main admissions round (In-Year admissions) should be made directly to Westminster School 招生.

如果你想申请一个职位, please complete either the primary or secondary in-year application form which can be found 在这里.

父母/carers will be informed of the outcome of their application within 15 school days.

如果一个名额被拒绝,孩子将被添加到等待名单中, the position on the waiting list will be determined according to the oversubscription criteria in the School’s 招生 Policy.

如被拒绝入学,家长/照顾者有权上诉. 如欲上诉,请按此浏览 吸引力的形式.

对于主要上诉,请先阅读这篇文章 关于婴儿班级规模的指导颇具吸引力.

Appeal panel hearings will take place within 30 school days of receipt of the appeal. 父母/carers will be notified of their appeal hearing date by the independent appeal panel clerk.



Applicants looking for Year 7 places should apply to transfer in year to Year 6 by making an in year application 在这里.



  • 2022年10月12日星期三下午5:00 - 6:00
  • 2022年11月16日,星期三,下午5:00 - 6:00

开放晚间登记表 在这里.

The Sixth Form part of the website gives all the specific details around admission to 6th form and can be found 在这里.


所罗门国王学院 is a non-denominational, non-selective school for local children. 如果学院的名额过多, priority is given to pupils with statements of special educational needs w在这里 the academy is named on the statement. 其余学额则按下列优先次序提供:  

  • 《ag体育手机版》和之前所有的《照看孩子
  • 有明显技能短缺的学校员工的子女
  • Children who have a sibling who already attends the school and who will continue to do so on the date of admission (for this purpose “sibling” means a whole, 同父异母或同父异母的兄弟或姐妹居住在同一地址). 请注意,参加托儿所的兄弟姐妹不算数.
  • 学校员工子女(不缺技能)

The remaining places will be allocated to those children who live closest to the mid-point of the entrances to both the Younger Years and Older Years sites. The Local Authority (Westminster City Council) measures distance on behalf of Ark Schools, using Ordinance Survey Data to calculate a straight line distance between the child’s home and the main entrance to the school.

PLEASE BE AWARE: As Year 6 pupils of 所罗门国王学院 will automatically transfer to Year 7, t在这里 will be no or very few places available for children attending other primary schools. Applicants for this school are strongly advised to apply for other schools or for an in year transfer to year 6.

威斯敏斯特大学负责11年级的招生工作. Applications must be made via the Westminster Council’s 招生 team on 020 7745 6433.

每年有90个入学名额. Westminster keeps a waiting list which is used to fill casual vacancies occurring if pupils leave during the year. Application forms for in-year admissions can be obtained direct from the school or from Westminster's admissions team. 网上申请表格可点击下载 在这里



Appeals for children refused admission at a preferred school for entry into 接待, Year 7 or Year 12 in 2023年9月 will be heard according to the regulations in the School Admission Appeals Code (October 2022).




1st 2023年3月

17th 2023年4月


30th 2023年3月

17th 2023年5月

Appeal panel hearings will take place within 40 school days of the deadline date for submitting an appeal.

The independent appeal panel clerk will notify parents/carers of the date of their appeal; appeal hearings will take place 在2023年5月/ 6月/ 7月期间.



申请儿童拒绝参加除接待处以外的年龄组别, 七年级及十二年级的聆讯将于收到上诉后三十天内进行. 父母/carers will be notified of their appeal hearing date by an indepenent appeal panel clerk. A儿童申请被拒绝进入接待处以外的年龄组别, 七年级及十二年级的聆讯将于收到上诉后30个学日内进行. 父母/carers will be notified of their appeal hearing date by an independent appeal panel clerk.
所有年度团体,请按此浏览 吸引力的形式


在提交初级上诉之前,请确保您阅读了这篇文章 关于婴儿班级规模的指导颇具吸引力